Black Rim Shell Drag Racing Wheels

Weld Racing LLC introduces the addition of black anodized wheel rim shells for its forged aluminum drag racing drive wheels, available in most Weld Racing cosmetic center designs. Created to satisfy the requests of customers for black rim shells, the black shell option will be available as a limited offering in the Pro Drag line. Black shell Pro Drag wheels will be available in the 16”x 16” size, with Ultra lite Double Bead-Locs™ required. The styles available in the SFI 15.1 rating are 784 V-Series, 786 Magnum 2.0, and the 788 AlumaStar 2.0. The SFI 15.3 rated 788X AlumaStar P.R.O. is available too. Back space choices are 4” or 5”. All current bolt circle applications in these lines are available. Forged from primary aluminum alloys in the U.S.A., as are all Weld Racing wheels, Pro Drag wheels are lighter, stronger, and truer than other brands. The quality alloys in the wheels polish to a brilliant shine in the polished finish versions and resist oxidation better than other alloys. The new black anodized shell finish is tough and beautiful, just like the black anodized centers. Since 1967 Weld Racing has built technologically-superior wheels in the U.S.A. Today, Weld Racing L.L.C. continues the tradition of building racing and high-performance wheels in the heart of the U.S., using 21st century technology to create innovative new wheels while giving the customer top quality, true craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. For more information, please contact Customer Service at 800-788-9353. See the new black rim shell Pro Drag wheels at