Brett Hearn Charging Toward More Super DIRTcar Series History in 2011

As a racer, the statistics speak volumes. He has seven Big-Block Modified championships with the Super DIRTcar Series. He’s won at 47 different tracks. Even more impressive, he has 793 victories in his career. 793. It is difficult to grasp how one person can win so many races in such a competitive sport and because of this; Weld Racing is proud to be his wheel manufacturer for the last 21 years. But Hearn is more than just numbers. He’s an innovator. He’s a promoter. And at 52 his passion for racing and winning has never been stronger, which will be evident on May 29 when he and the Super DIRTcar Series kicks off another season during All-Star Weekend at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park in Elbridge, N.Y. What fuels Hearn, what keeps him coming back year-after-year even better than the last is fear. “It’s preparation, it’s the fear of failure,” says the New Jersey native. “Because I have that fear I work very, very hard to get ready to do what I do. I take nothing for granted. I really sleep, drink and eat it. I prepare very, very hard for every racetrack I go to. As a team we do our homework.” Many drivers won’t admit they look at statistics, even though everybody knows they do. Hearn is keenly aware of his place in history, and the milestone he can achieve in the very near future. “I hope I can continue to make the numbers grow,” Hearn said. “We’re seven wins away from our 800th win and that’s a milestone we’ll be looking at this year. I’m really enthused about the way we’ve opened the season and the results we’ve had. As a team our equipment is very good right now. I like the rides I have. I’m not struggling like I was at the beginning of last year with a new car that I didn’t really care for too much and I spent too much time trying to get it to work. I like where we’re at right now with everything. An eighth title would be awesome. That’s what it’s all about, that’s why we do it, that’s why we do it as a team, that’s why Guy Madsen as an owner has two goals, win the championship and win Syracuse. One we’ve done a couple of times, one we haven’t done yet. That’s what this team is all about.” Even though he’s so close to 800 wins, don’t expect Hearn to waste too much time thinking about them. He still has more work to accomplish.