Chris and Lynda Jacobs Debut Roadster Shop IRS 1966 Chevelle with Weld Racing S74 RT-S Wheels

S74 on1966 Chevelle SS

  Kansas City, USA, July 6th, 2011 Chris and Lynda Jacobs 1966 Chevelle puts a capital G in G-machine with its LS based power plant, Wilwood brakes and Roadster Shop™ IRS chassis. The new S74 RT-S wheels at 18×9.5 and 18×12 sizes clear the big brakes and provide the low weight and lateral strength required for machines with this level of performance. The killer looks of the machined after black anodized S74 wheels add sophistication to this beautifully classic brute. This much anticipated addition of a new multi-spoke cosmetic to the initial five-spoke S71 RT-S cosmetic is an opportunity for many vehicle owners to install this hot new Weld Racing product on their car. The RT-S line is unique in that it is a three piece modular wheel of forged construction that is welded instead of bolted together and has three mounting pad heights (low, medium, and high) to clear classic, modern, and aftermarket braking systems. Since Weld Racing builds their own rim shells, unlike most “wheel” companies, the widths available range from 4 inches to 18 inches with many backspace combinations. The new Multi-spoke S74 style is built with a sophisticated machined-after-black-anodized or polished center and the rim shells are brilliantly polished too. The bolt circles available will be 5x115mm, 5×4.5”, 5x120mm, and 5×4.75” to fit classic and modern performance cars. The S74 wheels include a matching billet center cap. S74 RT-S orders taken will ship to the customer within 4 weeks of the confirmed order date. For more information, please contact Customer Service at 800-788-9353. See this new RT-S design at