Dearborn, Mich. 12/9/2010 Since its legendary introduction at the NHRA Winternationals in 1968, Ford’s Cobra Jet Mustang has created a legacy of power, performance and triumph that has carried through the decades. One year earlier, in 1967, Weld Racing began its legacy of manufacturing dominant racing wheels. The 2010 Cobra Jet, built on the 2010 Mustang platform and supplied Weld Racing wheels, has been setting class records and is competitive at drag strips across the country. Today, Ford Racing unveiled the 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang at the Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando, Fla., and announced the intention to build 50 turn-key 2012 CJ’s. For the first time the Cobra Jet will be available in three color options—Race Red, Grabber Blue and Winner White—and coordinating graphics. Of course, they will all wear Weld Racing wheels from the factory. For decades, the Mustang has been the preeminent car in many forms of racing, including drag racing. The 2008 and ’10 Cobra Jet Mustang added to that legacy with high- profile wins at the NHRA Winternationals and U.S. Nationals, and by setting numerous Stock and Super Stock class records across the country.  Add to that, John Force’s recent 15th NHRA championship in a Mustang with Boss 500 power riding on Weld Racing’s latest SFI 15.4 Pro Drag wheels. The goal for the 2012 Cobra Jet is to build a turn-key race car ready to take its own place in NHRA history. The same as its predecessors in ’08 and ’10, it’s a factory-built race car intended for NHRA Stock and Super Stock racing that can also be campaigned in other racing sanctioning bodies such as NMRA, NMCA, PSCA and IHRA. The ’12 CJ will come with all of the features of the ’10 car including a full race-prepared automatic transmission, drag race-specific shocks and springs, manual steering and brakes, 8.50 certified rollcage, and an Aeromotive® return-style fuel system with trunk-mounted fuel cell. For 2012, the Cobra Jet features a 5.4L supercharged engine based on the ’11 SVT Mustang with two supercharger options, a 2.3 liter TVS unit or a 4.0 liter Ford Racing Whipple supercharger. Each vehicle has an aluminum block engine, standard automatic transmission, double keyed crankshaft, Manley H-beam connecting rods, low-drag racing brakes and optimized spring rates for the front and rear. Additionally the Cobra Jet will feature black anodized Cobra Jet wheels from Weld Racing and a new compound tire with unique Cobra Jet branding from Goodyear.  The 50 limited production 2012 Cobra Jet Mustangs are available on a first come order, first delivered basis through Ford dealers.