Larry Larson’s 2014 Drag Week Plans Unveiled

Drag-Week-2014-Larry-Larson-Plans-S10-Pro-Mod-011 Walk this way to check out the all new ride that Larry Larson and I, BangShift’s Chad Reynolds, will be wheeling on Drag Week 2014! It’s one evil little bastard, and we’re going to not only give you a look inside this cool new project, but also a look inside our motivation to dream, scheme, and build something this cool for Hot Rod Magazine’s 10th Drag Week 2014. And stay tuned for much more on the “Reason #8″ Pro Mod S10, as we move toward Drag Week 2014 in 10 days. We’ll have more updates on the truck, testing, future plans, and much much more over the coming days.   A truck? Yep, a truck. But before we get into the details on it, let me tell how this all came to be. Read and then check out the very first photos to be publicly shown, along with some questions, answers, and comments from Larry and myself on the “why” this thing has happened and what we plan to do with it.   Back in 2005, Larry Larson showed up in his blown pink Nova, and I showed up in my recently famous ’56 Chevy Wagon, for what would become the coolest road trip and racing event in the history of ever. We talked, hung out, and had fun that week, all while I was convinced that this Larson dude had to be doing some cheating since he made one pass and hit the road each day. It turns out he wasn’t cheating, just getting on the road so as to reduce the chance of breakage, but everyone likes a little drama. Larry finished that first Drag Week, as did I, both of us with huge smiles on our faces. On the way home I told my girlfriend of 3 weeks, Daphne (who is now my wife), that I knew how to OWN Drag Week, and that nobody was thinking about how to do this the right way at all. The plan? Build a Brogie style roadster with a twin turbo combo that was super light weight and wouldn’t hurt parts. I figured it would be good for 6′s easy, and probably 6.50′s if you had the thing dialed. It wouldn’t be comfortable, and it wouldn’t really be a street car, but it would fit the rules and win hands down. For a couple years, this idea rattled around in my brain, with only a few people, including Larry Larson and David Freiburger, being filled in on my genius plan. Alas, no money meant this wasn’t happening, but a guy can dream right?   Several parking lot beer discussions, pit sessions, and visits to the race track has Larson and I talking about this on several occasions over the years. Meanwhile several Drag Week competitors started showing up in cars that never were a car to begin with and had some people in an uproar about their legitimacy, including Larry and myself. Now don’t get all worked up saying “Well Chad, it’s no different that what you wanted to do with a Brogie roadster!” Well, technically you are correct. But…in my defense, a 1935 Chevrolet bodied hot rod, race car, or whatever is commonly built around a fiberglass body. Camaros are not.   [READ MORE on]