Reliving TX2K13 As TX2K14 Approaches

vette-trc TX2K is an off-the-wall event which showcases some serious high-horsepower street cars on the dyno, at a night meet, drag racing, and new for this year, roll racing. The 2014 event is planned for March 12th to 16th in the Houston, Texas area.   While browsing the interwebs, we came across this insane video of a whole bunch of high-powered Corvettes tearing up the streets at this past year’s event. Posted on the ThatRacingChannel YouTube channel, the author refers to this as a “cruise” though we’re not really sure if that’s the correct term for what goes on here. Check out the video below for footage of a 1,000-wheel horsepower ProCharged C6 Z06, 1,000-wheel horsepower twin-turbocharged C6 Z06, 1,300-wheel horsepower twin-turbocharged C6, and double-trouble 1,000-wheel horsepower twin-turbocharged C5 Z06 Corvettes “rolling around town” and wreaking havoc.   The event is broken down a little something like this: Wednesday and Thursday are the Roll Racing Nationals at Texas World Speedway (replacing last year’s road racing event), Friday is Dyno Day at Lonestar Motorsports Park, Friday night is the night meet (complete with live band, food, beer, bikini contest, and burnout contest), and Saturday and Sunday are reserved for drag racing at Lonestar Motorsports Park as well.   Check out the video below, and for more information on the TX2K14 event, visit  
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