Customer Cars are the Best Example of Why We Build WELD Wheels

Forty-nine years of building the best, most tested and proven wheels out there is all based on a foundation of happy owners.  Nothing is better than seeing the photos coming in through our social channels of your cars on WELD wheels.

 Tens of thousands of passionate people just like you are looking at our social channels and we love sharing your projects, wins, tests or even the off-road crawler rolling on WELD wheels.

How easy is it?  Very!  Jump on your favorite app, be it Facebook or Twitter and send us your best picture(s) and we will share it with our huge audience, participate in etc discussion and of course give you credit for the shot if you would like.

This goes for all WELD product lines – WELD Racing, WELD Street & Strip, CCW Forged Performance Wheels, REKON Off Road and HiPer Technology by WELD, so lets see what you got!

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