Tim Wilkerson Wins Funny Car in Seattle

Wilkerson, runner-up in Bristol and a winner two weeks ago in Norwalk, reached his third straight final for the first time in his career and collected his second victory in his Weld Racing V-Series equipped Funny Car when he defeated Ron Capps, 4.22 to 4.24 in the final round to score his 16th career win. Wilkerson moved into fifth place with the win.  “The cooler race track came back to me and helped us. You make so much power at this place, that it’s hard to pull enough back to make it go without smoking the tires in the middle. I think running an alcohol car for years taught me about these things: you tune it up when you go the Midwest and tune it down when you go to the good air.” Wilkerson wheeled the Levi, Ray & Shoup Mustang past technology partner Bob Tasca III, Cruz Pedregon, and Matt Hagan to reach the 27th final of his Funny Car career.