WELD Intellectual Property Violations After Fraudulent Wheels Sold

Kansas City, Mo.WELD, manufacturers of WELD wheels, has announced its intentions to protect its intellectual property rights by aggressively pursuing counterfeiters throughout the world who sell imitation versions of its genuine WELD Wheels.   “Unfortunately there are companies in the marketplace who are illegally selling counterfeit wheels that look like WELD wheels and even use WELD’s name and trademarks, but are not genuine WELD wheels,” said Norman Young, president and CEO. “These wheels are not tested to the extreme standards of a WELD wheel and will not perform like a genuine WELD wheel.”   WELD is proud of its long history of building premium products that are highly engineered, use only the best materials available, and are manufactured to exacting standards. WELD customers have come know and trust the wheels that WELD produces for street, off road, and even 330 mph race conditions.   In order to ensure that WELD customers know that the wheels they are purchasing are genuine WELD wheels, WELD is committed to enforcing its intellectual property rights. Young said WELD has always protected its trademarks, patents and designs, and always will.   “We owe this protection and enforcement to our customers, whose safety rides on their wheels,” Young explained. “If you have encountered a fake WELD wheel, please contact WELD so we can take corrective action.”   For more information about WELD, phone 800-788-9353 or visit www.weldwheels.com.