Kansas City, U.S.A. October 2, 2011— Saturday September 10th at Putnam Park Raceway, Kenny Brown Performance offered a sneak peek at a twin turbo Mustang with the latest Kenny Brown suspension. The system components and complete vehicles will be available spring 2012. The powerful twin turbo V8 was chosen to demonstrate the Kenny Brown Mustang rear suspension’s ability to put power to the track on corner exits and to showcase the velocity reducing capability of the Baer 6 Piston braking system. The new Kenny Brown front suspension components prevent excessive camber gain in compression, add more anti-dive for braking stability and suspension compliance, and provide correct camber gain when turning to produce tremendous front tire grip when turning and braking. Kenny sought a wheel to transmit the power and withstand the enormous cornering loads while having low unsprung weight and minimal rotating inertia to maximize the car’s suspension and engine performance. In addition the wheel had to clear the large Baer brakes and provide the correct widths and backspaces to maximize the tire size. It also had to be good looking. Kenny chose Weld Racing’s new RT-S wheel line for the task. The RT-S wheels are three-piece forgings, for application flexibility, that are assembled by welding. The centers and the rim shells are manufactured in Kansas City in the Weld Racing factory. In addition to the large array of widths and offsets (15×3.5 to 20×17.5), there are three mounting pad heights available to fit your mild to wild brake package while maximizing the depth of the outer wheel lip. Many five lug bolt circles are available. The line includes two styles in two finishes for four stunning cosmetic designs. Primary forging grade aluminum alloys are used to create these and all Weld Racing wheels and this means no recycled scrap is used, as in most cast wheels. The difference in quality is obvious from the appearance, the strength, and the durability. Since 1967 Weld Racing built technologically superior wheels in the U.S.A. Today Weld Racing L.L.C. continues the tradition of building Racing and High Performance wheels in the heart of the U.S., using 21st century technology while giving the customer top quality, true craftsmanship, and excellent customer service.