Weld Racing Sweeps Bristol, Grabs Wins At St. Louis X-DRL

The weekend got off to a hot start in St. Louis when Weld customer Bob Rahaim drove his gorgeous silver 1968 Camaro to victory in Pro Nitrous — his first victory with the X-DRL — on a break single run, hammering out low elapsed time of the entire meet with a 3.84. Later, X-Treme Pro Stock racer Todd Hoerner took the brand new Weld Delta-1 series wheel to victory lane with a final round defeat of another Delta-1-clad racer, Dean Goforth, to earn his second straight win in St. Louis. See more on St. Louis X-DRL here:  http://www.dragzine.com/news/weld-racing-sweeps-bristol-grabs-wins-at-st-louis-x-drl/