Larry Larson Wins Hot Rod’s Drag Week on Weld Racing Wheels

During the final race of Hot Rod’s Drag Week event at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, Ohio, Larry Larson stunned everyone with a 6.95 at 209 mile per hour blast that solidified his place as the owner and driver of the fastest street car in America. His average elapsed time of 7.07 second won him first place for Drag Week 2010. The route of over a thousand miles on the road between the five drag strips used for competition tests each machine severely. The wheels used by these cars need to be light enough for competition, strong enough to absorb the brutal torque and horsepower, and tough enough for rough streets and highways. The Weld Racing RT-S series wheels met all these challenges on Larry Larson’s winning car. In fact, the RT-S was designed specifically for today’s high horsepower, street driven, hyper-performance cars. The RT-S is forged from aluminum in 3 pieces like a modular wheel for application flexibility and then welded together for stiffness and strength. The special rim shells are tougher than pure racing rim shells to survive pot holed streets. The forged billet centers are built with three mounting pad heights to clear brake systems from drum to 6 piston billet calipers so you can select no more clearance than is needed for your combination. With available sizes from 15”, 17”, 18”, and 20”in widths from 3.5” to 18.0” there is an RT-S wheel to fit your ride. All RT-S wheel sizes are dynamically tested using SAE specs to 1580 pounds and the 15-inch versions are tested to SFI 15.1 requirements. The RT-S will meet the needs of your “street” car from stock classic to Drag Week champion.