Weld Racing L.L.C. Announces New Sport Forged Applications

Pro Star high offset

Kansas City, U.S.A. April 15, 2011— Weld Racing, the racing wheel company with the most racing wins on its wheels every year, introduces new applications for the iconic Sport Forged line. These new applications are the result of new forged wheel outer and inner shell halves allowing higher positive offsets for cars requiring this feature. The new configurations are available in the Draglite and Pro-Star. The Sport Forged Line has long offered the best strength to weight ratio and lowest rotational moment of inertia of any mid priced street/strip wheel for maximum performance. The three styles are recognized everywhere because of their dominance on the race track and their street credibility. Finite element analysis, used to optimize wheel designs, indicates no further structural changes will improve the designs’ performance, so not only are they handsome, they are fast and tough too. These new higher positive offset wheels are initially available in a 15×4 at 2.5” of backspace. This makes them perfect to improve the front wheel fit for 3rd Generation Camaros and Firebirds from 1982 to 1992, GM 1978 to 1987 A and G body cars, and for getting the front wheels out of the wind on Fox body Fords like the 1979 to 1993 Mustang. Today, GT and Super Stock Racers are using larger diameter front tires (27” to 29”) for improved roll out. These tires have wider section widths too. This makes the placement of the tire critical to maximize clearance to the fender liner, especially when landing a wheels-up start. The new higher offset Sport Forged wheels improve the wheel to fender clearance mitigating this problem. Weld Racing manufactures these cold forged high performance wheels in Kansas City, USA. This is where they have always been and always will be engineered and produced. The engineers, artisans, and craftsmen that construct these metallurgical wonders take great pride in producing the best special purpose wheels money can buy. Since 1967 Weld Racing built technologically superior wheels in the U.S.A. Today Weld Racing L.L.C. continues the tradition of building winning racing and high performance wheels in the heart of the U.S., using 21st century technology while giving the customer top quality, true craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. For more information, please contact Customer Service at 800-788-9353. Ask about the new higher offset Sport Forged designs at info@weldwheels.com