Weld Racing Opens Order Bank for S74 RT-S wheels


S74 style RT-S wheel

  June 17, 2011-Kanas City, Missouri Weld Racing is accepting orders beginning July 1st on the newest addition to the do-it-all RT-S wheel lineup. The sophisticated multi-spoke design of the S74 has the same performance capability of the classic S71 with a modern flair that will complement anything from a new Mustang or Camaro to a BMW M3. The forged center and rim shells are joined by welding to create a strong, light, handsome wheel. Available in 18″ and 20″ diameters from 4.5″ to 17.5″ wide in 5×4.5″, 5×115 mm, 5x120mm, and 5×4.75″ bolt circles the number of applications is huge. Add the 3 available brake pad clearance heights and you can fit any brake from drum to opposed multi-piston caliper racing systems.  The finish on the S74 is unique too. The tough black anodized wheel center is machined to display aluminum highlights. Weld Racing uses anodizing instead of powder coat to maintain the T6 temper of the center and thus its strength. A power coating oven can deteriorate temper of 6061 alloy. Contact your salesperson today to order this exciting new wheel.