Weld Racing Tests Carbon Fiber Wheel at US Nationals

            Kansas City, Missouri, September 7, 2010– Weld Racing, the dominant manufacturer of racing wheels, successfully tested a prototype 17” dragster front wheel made of carbon fiber during the US Nationals. This test was on the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the Weld Racing one-piece forged front wheels that reset the bar in drag racing in 2000 and are still the dominant drag racing front wheels. “The reduction in static mass is 34% and the reduction in rotating moment of inertia is 178%”, said Scott Rider, Vice President of Engineering. “These reductions result in significant performance improvements for an accelerating car over our forged one-piece V-Series which is the lightest SFI 15.2 approved front wheel.” “I could immediately feel the results of the lower mass wheel. Additional effects were lighter steering and better steering feedback when making a pass”, said the driver Kyle Fickler, “even though we only had one carbon fiber front wheel on the car it was impressive to directly feel such a big improvement.” Weld Racing will continue to post information on the CF17000 prototype as development and testing continues on this potential new product.